The importance of leaders having an online presence

Anyone who wants to be seen as a leader will need to have a strong online presence. If people want information these days, the first place that they go to is the internet, so making sure that they can find the information that they need is essential. For companies that want to stand out, this is essential. There is so much competition in every industry in the modern world that it is important to be seen.

Brand identity and reputation

Brand identity is more than just creating a logo. People need to understand that the brand stands for quality, and they need to want to keep coming back to it. It is much easier for a leader to become recognised if they have a strong brand with which to associate themselves. Steve Jobs, for example, is known thanks to the Apple brand that he co-founded. If the brand had not been developed, he might never have been recognised as a leader in his field. When a brand is known to offer a quality product or service, then a strong reputation will begin to grow.

Building an online presence

The first step to any online presence is a website. At first, this does not have to be anything too fancy or complicated but should still be able to deliver what is needed. Paying attention to elements of the website such as SEO is essential as this will bring in the traffic to the website. Once this has been achieved, the next step is to build a presence with social media. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are free to use and can help to solidify the reputation of both the leader and the company in question. Social media is also a great way to keep in close contact with customers and give them the latest news about special offers and the business in general.

Not everyone is able to do this without assistance, so it is worth investing in a professional web designer/marketing manager. This means that there is a professional on hand that can point the online side of things in the right direction and boost the company’s and the leader’s profile. For most small businesses, this is something that will need to be outsourced, but there are advantages to doing this. It can be a very cost-effective way of building an online presence, and the business does not have to take on a full-time marketing person.

A successful online presence

Francesco Corallo is a European businessman with a strong online presence looking at various aspects of Italian culture. His reputation as a businessman draws people to his site, and he uses this to share his love of his heritage. Francesco Corallo’s YouTube channel is a particular hit.

Lord Alan Sugar is an example of a businessman who was famous and established long before the internet but now has a number of different websites promoting various aspects of his business as well as an established Twitter account.

Leaders need to be aware of how important the internet is in the modern world and be prepared to embrace all the advantages that it offers. For many it can be the difference between operating locally or globally!