How a Complete Telecom/ Broadband Package (Under One Roof) Can Help Leaders Get On With Their Job

Seamless communication = high performing teams

Every organisation wants to build an environment where effective, high performing teams can flourish. In an ideal world, our teams would have the opportunity to interact face-to-face on a regular basis. However in the real world, our employees are often collaborating across departmental, regional or even national borders. Whether ideas and challenges will pass back and forth between your employees will depend on the quality of the telecom solutions that your business uses. The level of integration and harmonisation between the phone, email, meeting and teleconference solutions will either pull employees towards working together closely, or push them apart. Great things can happen when the right people are talking at the right time. A pro-active IT strategy, with a partner such as Chess Telecom, will ensure that you are doing all you can to facilitate those ‘magical moments’.

Reduce your administrative burden

Practically speaking, the bundling of phone and broadband products will reduce the admin burden of your business. One bundle means one vendor relationship, one support network and one invoice. Merging distinct IT products brings an ounce of simplicity to an otherwise complicated setup.

Get a return on your investment

Business costs can be divided into two types: labour and capital. Labour is the workforce that gets things done, but capital is the tool that allows them to do it. It is common knowledge that the UK has under-invested in capital relative to other developed European nations such as Germany. As the Guardian reported in May 2013, German investment last year stood at 19.9% of GDP, whereas the UK lagged behind with 14.3%. Investment in your business infrastructure, including IT hardware, software and telecoms, will enable your workers to achieve more. By selecting the right bundle of services, you can yield higher productivity from the same workforce.

Lead by making bold decisions

Any business leader can incrementally improve margins by deferring overhead expenditure. This embodies a short-term outlook and will only serve to throttle the future growth of business as the UK economic recovery takes hold. It takes stronger leadership traits to make the decision to spend on telecoms, the decision to invest in the long-term productivity of your high performing teams.